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Activate TRUCONNECT® Remote Services for Lift Trucks

Fields marked with * are mandatory
Name of the legal entity
* Street name, street number (or PO Box).
* Postcode/Zip code/Postal code
City/Locality/Postal place i.e. the name that goes with the Postcode. E.g. 00100 Helsinki, RR 8 MSC Millarville, Nakuru 20100 etc.
* State of customer address.
*Country Company country
Business IDs
Depending on country of customer, National ID can be a Trade Registration Number, Company Identification Number, Business Number etc. and it has a unique name such as ABN, Siren, CVR etc. National IDs are issued by the local authorities within countries. National ID is typically assigned to a company as a result of registration.
Tax numbers are identifiers used in many countries. Capturing Tax number of customer is important and needed to help the identification of the companies (customers and vendors) Konecranes does business with. In addition, tax number is mandatory information to include to customer invoices and other financial documents in many countries.
Lift Truck location “Location” refers to the physical location of the lift truck with a remote connection. Preferably location city is given as the location name.
Location name is shown in Truconnect Portal and truck monitoring reports to help you filter and identify more easily the lift trucks you are allowed to monitor.
Location city
*Country Location country
Customer's Contact Person Customer's contact person will be created a user account for accessing Truconnect Portal
first name, last name
The user email serves as username to login into Truconnect portal
Customer's mobile phone number for future verification of user's account
Accountable person for Container Gross Mass Verification
Accountable person name (first name, last name)
Accountable person email
Lift Truck Lift truck
[M or C number of the equipment] * [5-digit number (11000-99999. Machines produced in Lingang may have suffix CN)] as found on the truck machine card or on the manufacturer's statutory plate
E.g SMV 16-1200 C, SMV 4531 TC5.
Any unique (for the site/area of operation) alphanumeric name given by the customer to identify his own equipment.
Konecranes representative
Konecranes authorized representative contact person name
Konecranes authorized representative contact person email
Comments Any additional comments you would like to send to the handler of this information.
  Further to your comments, you may also list out here the names, e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers of the other users within your company you would like to grant access to Truconnect portal for this particular truck.
Users not signed in must provide their email address.